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A catalyst for the evolutionary phases of 21st century commerce.

Nergy Vidya

India's 1st SL & IL Tech enabled courses and curriculum integrations

Innovative commerce education platform offering experiential courses and curriculum integrations using the revolutionary Simulated & Interactive Learning Tech, integrating learning science and psychology.

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Nergy Corporate

The Ultimate Repository for Business Applications

An inventory of software solutions to help businesses and professionals accelerate productivity and enhance the process. Curated by industry experts and built on cutting-edge technology, these applications serve the corporate world better.

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Nergy caters to the perpetual need for upskilling, reskilling & cross-skilling in both commerce education and industry.

Nergy works with leading universities, prestigious training institutes, and visionary government agencies to transform commerce education and businesses.

Government Agencies

Nergy partners with state, national, and international governments to overcome the digital divide and promote inclusion.


Nergy instills tech-enabled practicum into the commerce pedagogy and raises the competitiveness of both instructors and students.

Colleges & Training Institutes

Nergy provides professionally designed, tech-enabled commerce courses to colleges & training institutes to skill future generations.

Nergy Community

Fostering Togetherness to Thrive

The systems in trade and commerce are becoming more complex and competitive worldwide. We are committed to creating a network of people from academia, business and technology for commerce learning and practice to thrive.

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Nergy Foundation

Better Opportunities for All

We want to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and promote positive change. As our CSR initiative, we help the less privileged communities by providing them with our innovative learning tech platform and more.

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