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About Us

As commerce evolves to unprecedented possibilities, it deserves better innovative solutions.

Nergy has radicalized the way commerce is taught, providing students with simulated and interactive learning tech solutions. Nergy is also becoming a leading provider of innovative industry solutions, helping businesses and professionals streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the global technology leader in commerce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently innovate technologies
that advance global commerce.

Our Values


Pushing boundaries, exploring ideas, and driving progress.


Understanding, anticipating, and exceeding user expectations.


Honesty, transparency, and the highest ethical standards.

A Nergified Journey

Since 2020, Nergy has been the agent of change in commerce education and industry.

Nergy functions as a catalyst in the evolutionary phases of 21st-century commerce by collaborating and partnering with government agencies, leading universities, training institiutes and business organizations.

Accolades Along the Way

Since its inception, Nergy has been recognized as a promising tech company for its pioneering contributions to commerce education and business practice.

Dedicated to providing the best products, Nergy’s success results from its commitment to research and innovation.

Proactive Leaders

Nergy is conceived, created and carried by leaders who act forward. They are problem solvers, innovators and visionaries who redefine commerce from education to application. They envisage the future potential of commerce and are committed to investing in people, ideas and technologies that will shape it.

A M Kharim
Chief Patron
Sahad A K
Sharif A
Aneesh K
Sujith Chandran
Nikhil Chandrasekharan
Balaji Srinivasamurthy
Kiran Deolalkar
Adithia Sankar
CA Peter Richard
Faizel Hassainar
CS Shelton M Joseph
Raheena M P
HR Manager