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Nergy Foundation

Nergy Foundation, the CSR initiative of Nergy, strives to bring about meaningful change in the areas of education, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment.

Nergy Foundation is incorporated as a Section 8 company (Non-Profit Organization) under the Companies Act, 2013

Our core purposes
  • Promotion of education and employment-enhancing vocational skills.
  • Livelihood enhancement projects for students, women, elderly, differently abled individuals, etc.
  • Programs and practices to ensure environmental sustainability goals.
  • Support for small businesses.

Our Activities

Nergy Foundation drives impact in two key ways

Career Lift

We offer free commerce skill training programs for socially backward students under our initiative, Career Lift. Through this program, we empower individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the modern economy.

Personal Finance Literacy to Rural Areas

We provide personal finance literacy programs to rural areas, aiming to empower communities with financial knowledge and skills.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals
Nergy Foundation is committed to creating a positive impact through our ESG initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

We undertake various environmental initiatives to contribute to a sustainable future.

Green Accounting

Our green accounting practices ensure responsible and sustainable financial management.

E-Waste Management

We are committed to responsible e-waste management, minimizing its impact on the environment.

Join Hands with Us

Together, we can create a better, more sustainable future for all.


Volunteer with us and contribute to our skill training and research programs.

Corporate Partnership

Partner with us to make a significant impact on society.

NGO Partnership

Join us in creating a better tomorrow through NGO partnership.