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Experiential, cloud-based, and revolutionary learning.

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  • SL & IL Tech-enabled courses and technology solutions for commerce education
  • Provided through the revolutionary SL & IL Tech-enabled student life cycle management platform in commerce
  • Equipping universities, colleges & institutes across India
Nergy Vidya is the online platform of skill-based courses and technology solutions for commerce education, enabled by Simulated and Interactive Learning Technology innovated by Nergy India, promoting upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling.
NEP 2020 & OBE Aligned4+ Years2,00,000+ Learners Skilled

For Students

It empowers students with easy access to resources, a more organized and immersive learning experience, streamlined course registration, tracking progress, and engagement with support services, enhancing their overall skill development and satisfaction.

For Instructors

It provides streamlined access to student information, performance, efficient course management, grading, and communication, thereby enhancing teaching effectiveness. It enables personalized instruction and fosters a more supportive learning environment.

For Institutions

It provides universities, colleges and training institutes valuable data insights for strategic decision-making, improves student satisfaction, and enhances overall institutional reputation and competitiveness.

Skilling India To Lead 21st Century.

Aligned with National Education Policy 2020, OBE framework and endorsed by MEPSC and BFSI SSC, under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India, Nergy Vidya’s SL & IL Tech-enabled courses and tools bridge skill gaps between commerce education and industry, contributing to the Digital India Initiative.

Tech Enabled. Perfected to Bring Changes.

Nergy’s innovative SL & IL Technology creates engaging and immersive learning experiences allowing users to learn with personalized support from their instructors.

SL Tech
Simulated Learning Technology
Bringing exact work scenarios to the student desk, replicating real life
  • Bridge the gap between student life and professional life
  • Nurture critical thinking & practical skills
IL Tech
Interactive Learning Technology
Helps to understand theory better through practice
  • Making the learning and teaching process more engaging
  • Collaborates practice with instant feedback using multi-modal learning tools
Nergy Vidya Offerings

Nergy Vidya offers professionally designed, tech-enabled commerce courses as well as technological solutions that could be integrated into existing programs in commerce.

Skill Based Courses

NSQF Aligned

A growing collection of courses designed by subject experts and crafted by software architects for academia, working professionals and the public. These SL & IL Tech-enabled courses prepare participants to stay ahead with skills that score higher.

Technology Solutions

NEP2020 & OBE Aligned

An array of innovative tech solutions built on SL & IL Technology, is being conceptualized, designed, and created by a visionary team of software architects, UI/UX designers, instructional engineers, subject matter experts, and educators.

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